Pop-Up: All About Women Evening (Part II)
What it's about

Motherhood is a big transition in a woman’s life, and a never-ending one. Pregnancy is just the beginning. A woman’s body changes, hormones fluctuate, appetite and mood changes throughout the nine months. After delivering the baby, there are other challenges to overcome. From anxiety and depression, self-esteem issues, relationships changes, to fatigue and lack of sleep and breastfeeding struggles.

As a continuation of the All About Women Part I held on International Women’s Day, in which San shared and discussed topics related to menopause, the second instalment of ‘All About Women’ series is all about motherhood in celebration of Mother’s Day.

All participants will be treated to a gentle stretching session to ease the tired body and then a relaxing sound bath to soothe the busy mind. San will also be sharing and facilitating a discussion on the huge topic of motherhood, gleaning from her own experience of raising three children and single parenting.

Whether you are an expectant mother, mum with a newborn, or someone who’s been through it all, all are welcome.

About The Teacher

San Lai

San is one of the most experienced teachers in the yoga industry in Singapore. Her relationship with yoga went back to year 2000. Then, she was volunteering at a safe house in Canada for sexually assaulted women and came across the practice of Pranayama and Meditation for self-healing. She was extremely fascinated by how breathing and sitting in silence can work as a major healing therapy.

Beyond asanas, San's focus today is on pranayama, meditation and sound therapy. Supporting female wellness through yoga is right on her path too.

When she is off the mat, San is a devoted mother who spends most of her time playing, laughing and studying with her 2 younger kids. Her spare time is also spent with her older daughter, who is also a yoga teacher.

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