Art Gallery and Books Exchange

At KPY we love all the best things in life and yoga keeps us fit and healthy to enjoy these things to the fullest.  As well as art, we are passionate about reading and books.

We run a book exchange which is open to the public. It is very simple: bring in a book and take out a book. When you have finished with your book you can either return it, or if you want to keep it – no problem – simply bring another book along so you can take a new book out.

The selection on our shelves varies hugely reflecting the diverse community we have. Do have a browse, you can find novels, non-fiction, inspirational and children’s books.

Besides yoga, we also  embrace self-expression and creativity in art.  The KPY studio is not only a comfortable and safe space to practice yoga, it’s also an art gallery. In the earlier years, we hold an Arts Festival inviting local and foreign amateur and professional artists to exhibit their art works in the studio to show our support. Submissions range from paintings, ceramics and photographs by countless artists. The idea behind the festival is to give local amateur and semi-professional artists a chance to display their works publicly and nurture the arts in Singapore.

Due to its popularity, we have decided to make this an all-year affair. Art works can be submitted and displayed at the studio all year round. Please contact Li Ling at to discuss the possibilities.

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