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Foong Meng
The sisters and their bond with yoga

Gym-going Foong Meng embarked on yoga searching for a solution to her shoulder injury and postural issues. Her sister Foong Pun recommended KPY to her and she was pleasantly surprised by how much fun she could have in a yoga class. Today, Foong Pun still joins her for yoga from time to time, keeping each other motivated to get healthier.

What made you take up yoga in the first place? 

I was with a gym and doing cross training but the turnover of instructors was really high and standards deviated with the instructors. Some of my own habits also caused injury to my shoulder and I had to stop. So I was looking for an alternative exercise routine and came across KPY.

Was your first encounter with yoga what you expected? 

My first encounter was with Germin who was teaching a Beginner class and it totally blew me away with how much fun I had. I could do the poses because instructions were clear and the strap helped a lot!

What do you gain most out of your yoga practice?

Better awareness of my posture is my greatest gain and that have helped improve my overall well being.

Does it make a difference when you have a family member doing yoga with you? 

It’s nice to have company and I can pair up with Foong Pun for some of the poses. My sister said that I give her motivation and no excuses to cut classes.

When you first came to KPY, what were your first impressions?

The teachers are so friendly, they know everyone’s name and they cater to everyone’s health issue. There is always an alternative to a yoga pose. I have frozen shoulders and teachers are all genuinely concerned for me to ensure I do not hurt myself and at the same ensure that I am still be able to do the poses but with an alternative positioning.

 What did you think of ‘Yoga for Normal People’?

This was what made me join KPY! I am normal and I see yoga poses on Instagram and magazines with very bendy yogis in gravity-defying poses. They may be impossible and ‘abnormal’ for most ‘normal’ people like me. So I was never a fan nor would imagine myself doing yoga. But with my stiffness in my body and the need to do something about it and the relatable tagline, plus my sister’s recommendation, I was drawn to KPY.

What do you think is the KPY difference? 

I like the small classes, personal attention and that there’s no mirror so we are not distracted by how we look or how others look!

What is your message to people like you who have yet to take up yoga in their wellness routine? 

Just do it! Find a studio that is not too commercialised near your home and give it a try.

Addition from Foong Pun: ‘Give it a chance and you may be pleasantly surprised at how much you may enjoy it. It does not make you float in the air. It’s all about reducing stress, being aware of your posture, breathing, building your core which everyone needs as we age.’

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