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Class Title: Yoga Dance
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River Valley Studio

Saturday 11 March 2023, 10.30-11.45

East Coast Studio

Saturday 25 March 2023, 16.30-17.45

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Cost: Normal class fees apply.
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What it’s about:

Yoga Dance is a sequential flow of yoga postures infused with various dance moves performed to a repertoire of rhythm and music. It is a fun and enjoyable way to express one’s inner joy, and achieve a good workout at the same time.

Most forms of exercises are ‘left-brain’ activities involving only movement and effort. In Yoga Dance, as one moves gracefully and almost effortlessly, gently flowing from one asana (posture) to another to the rhythm of music, both our left and right brains are activated. This synchronicity of movements trains the brain to operate at its optimum potential. The end-result is an experience in which we feel fully energised, yet focused and relaxed.

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