See what our students have to say about us:

“The most no nonsense , no posers, no pics , no mirrors , most helpful and knowledgeable yoga teachers who are non judgmental, never over-bearing and kind that I have ever found. I have been with KPY for 4 years now, starting as someone who never did yoga to one who relies on it for mental and physical well being.” ~ Asmita Ranade

“Woohoo absolutely love the new studio and enjoying classes over at River Valley studio! Truly yoga for normal people, no pretentiousness.” ~ Masayu Afiqah

“I love this studio…There are very few studios like this. – teachers with heart, keeping to the principles of what yoga is, and best of all, no air con! You are doing super and always looking to improve.” ~ Jorida Ong

“I have been with KPY since 2009, and I do feel part of the family. It is difficult to share the same affinity I have with the KPY team with another studio perhaps because KPY is more of a ’boutique’ studio, where relationships between the students and the teachers are very personal. The experience at KPY is very different from the larger franchises.” ~ Wai Hoe Mok

“I like the simple and relaxing atmosphere, and the friendly and caring people who run KPY. They not only provide yoga mats all properly laid out, but dish out chilled wet towels and self-brewed teas after each practice. I love the teas, fragrant and delicious.” ~ Peggy Chong

“KPY is a genuine community in which its members and teachers care for each other, but it achieves this by also maintaining a talented faculty. Yoga is more than a workout for me so I find it refreshing to practice with friends and teachers who care about your growing practice.” ~ James Bitanga

“I have been attending classes when possible and just want to thank all teachers but particularly Karen and Germin. I cannot thank you enough for the encouragement and excellent classes every time I attend.” ~ Sue Horsfall

“Li Ling’s classes are well planned and methodical. She provides clear instructions to get in and out of poses and ensures safety at all times during her class. She also emanates a positive and balanced energy and I always walk out of her classes feeling energized and balanced.” ~ Mavis Tan

“The friendly instructors always make the effort to remember our strengths and weaknesses and offer us opportunities and modifications to address them. When I travel, I try to catch up on my yoga at other studios overseas and I can attest to the quality of the teachers and the environment at KPY . Definitely comparable to international standards!” ~ Yujuan Tan

I am normal and I see yoga poses on Instagram and magazines with very bendy yogis in gravity-defying poses. They may be impossible and ‘abnormal’ for most ‘normal’ people like me. So I was never a fan nor would imagine myself doing yoga. But with my stiffness in my body and the need to do something about it and the relatable tagline, plus my sister’s recommendation, I was drawn to KPY.” ~ Foong Pun Ng