Meet Dion, a dynamic and passionate barre instructor with a flair for infusing ballet techniques into her workouts to empower her clients. With more than three years of Barre teaching experience, Dion has consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional exercise, challenging her students of all backgrounds to reach new heights of fitness and flexibility.

Dion’s journey in the world of movement began at the age of six, when she embarked on a competitive dance journey. Over the years, she honed her skills in modern and contemporary dance, training and competing on various grounds. Her deep-rooted connection with dance has allowed her to seamlessly blend the elegance of ballet with the intensity of barre workouts, creating an experience that is as engaging as it is effective.

Students can expect a well-rounded and invigorating experience that caters to all fitness levels. Her sessions typically begin with Barre Basics, where she lays down the foundation by delving into essential barre techniques and postures. As the class progresses, she seamlessly transitions to a fusion of sculpt and cardio exercises, ensuring a comprehensive workout that targets strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health.

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