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The running yogi

Shorne is no stranger to pushing his limits. As an avid runner who has taken part in marathons and ultra marathons, Shorne has been practising yoga for about seven years. He credits his regular yoga practice for helping him run better and stay injury-free over the years. Find out about Shorne’s initial hesitation about stepping into a yoga studio and what advice he has for active individuals like himself.

How long have you been practising yoga? 

It would be my 7th year in 2023! I can still vividly remember the very first few classes at KPY in 2016. The homely deco at the East Coast studio certainly left an impression.

There are so many yoga studios out there. In your words, what do you think is different about KPY?

Definitely the teachers! I appreciate the team of experienced teachers who are passionate in guiding and sharing their knowledge. I can always see their enthusiasm in class and know that there is always more I can look forward to learning from them. The friendly staff and community of like-minded yogis make KPY both different and special to me.

As an avid runner, how has practicing yoga regularly helped you? 

I have been running for over a decade and have taken part in both marathons and ultra marathons. Since starting yoga seven years ago, I find that I’m able to run stronger and further while staying injury free. All that delightful pulling, twisting and stretching in class helps to ease the aches and pains from running!

What are some challenges you faced when you first started yoga and how did you overcome them?

Being an outdoorsy and very inflexible middle-aged guy, going to a yoga studio can be intimidating. At first, I was very self-conscious. Hence, I stayed away despite having a strong curiosity about yoga. The friendly and unpretentious teachers and environment at KPY took away all my anxieties and changed my perception. KPY has certainly more than fulfilled its promise of ‘Yoga for Normal People’ to me.

What advice do you have for active individuals who want to get started on yoga, but are too intimidated by it? 

Besides the physical benefits, yoga has complemented my training perfectly, like the ‘yin’ to my ‘yang’, which takes the form of my overly-active mind and outdoorsy lifestyle. Being present and focused when practising gives me the clarity that keeps me mentally-balanced and grounded outside of class. Thus, for individuals who are physically active, do keep an open mind. You will reap both physical and mental benefits through a regular yoga practice!

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