Li Ling on a mission to spread the ‘Yoga for Normal People’ promise

Yoga teacher, owner of KPY and paw-rent of two dogs, Coco and Rainbow, Li Ling is on a mission to spread the ‘Yoga for Normal People’ promise to more people.

Li Ling found her way towards becoming a yoga teacher in 2012 when she was tired of the nine-to-five corporate chase. She was seeking more meaningful life experiences and yoga offered her the opportunity to dig deeper into her own life as well as help others discover theirs.

While she may be an athletic person, she is after all just a normal girl with a regular body. She was never a dancer, never a gymnast and never the healthiest person. The strong and flexible body and person you see today is a result of many years of practice, putting in the hard work, and ultimately listening to her inner voice. Yoga is for every body and everybody.

She is very grateful to Kate for opening KPY’s doors to her during the start of her teaching career and subsequently offering her an opportunity to grow the business with her. In 2015, when Kate decided to focus on her other priorities in life, Li Ling was very honoured to take over the business from Kate, with help and support from her husband Julian, long-time studio angel Hui Ju, and a very supportive and dedicated team of teachers.

Li Ling’s teachings stem from her background in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Myofascia Release, Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama, supported with her background in competitive netball.

She is always on the lookout for interesting topics and people to host at KPY. If you would like to explore collaborations and partnerships with Kate Porter Yoga, please email Li Ling at