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Reclaim Your Inner Power

Together with Li Ling and Kenrick, we are headed to the beautiful island of Jeju, also known as the ‘Hawaii of Asia’, for our next Yoga Holiday! Jeju is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, Global Geopark and Biosphere Reserve, and it encompasses Korea’s highest peak of Hallasan Mountain, a wild coastline and is the world’s longest underground lava tube.

Over 5 days, we will be practising yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, moving, breathing and soaking in nature as well as the special water available at our health resort, WE Hotel.

If you feel like a break from life to care for and listen to yourself so that you can reclaim the inner power that resides in all of us, this may be the right opportunity!

All are welcome, yogis and non-yogis. And not to worry, you don’t have to be a KPY member or a vegan to join this amazing yoga holiday. 

What is included in your package:
  • 5 days 4 nights accommodation in a sharing room (twin or king bed)
  • Daily breakfasts, except on 20 October
  • At least 7 breathing, movement and mindfulness sessions
  • One welcome dinner
  • Two-way airport transfers
  • Lots of me time, forest walking, special water soaking and self-exploration
Please note:
  • Air tickets are not included in your package.
  • Any other expenses of a personal nature are on your own.
  • A minimum of 8 persons are required to go ahead with this holiday.
Recommended flight to take:
  • Arriving Jeju on Scoot TR 814 on 20 Oct, 7.15am
  • Departing Jeju on Scoot TR 815 on 24 Oct, 7.45am
WE Hotel Jeju -- A special water story

WE Hotel is situated right in the heart of Mt. Hallasan. Because of its location, water at this hotel is special. The natural volcanic bedrock water is used not only for drinking but also for any facilities in WE Hotel including showers, swimming pool, and sauna rooms. It is natural water including Bicarbonate, Selenium, Vanadium and essential minerals from volcanic rocks that are excellent for skin care and removing body toxins.

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