Friends of KPY

Daryl and Erin
The couple who practises together

Daryl and Erin found yoga together and consider yoga a ‘must’ in their lives today. They even search for yoga studios to practise at when they are on holiday! Find out more about how Daryl discovered yoga and what yoga has brought to his relationship with his wife.

How did you discover KPY?

We were introduced to KPY through a friend more than 10 years ago! Back then, I was nursing a backache due to frequent travelling for work. My job requires me to spend long hours in front of my laptop which contributed to my bad posture. I was looking for a form of exercise that I can do long term to help counter these bad habits and improve my overall well-being.

Why did you choose yoga?

Yoga seems to tick all the right boxes for us. We were looking for a form of exercise that we can do at our own pace and for the rest of our lives. It is also a form of exercise that both Erin and I enjoy and can participate in together. The class pace is right for us and there are enough challenges to still have us pushing our limits every week. We always feel refreshed and recharged after the class.

Over the years, we’ve made more friends in KPY, and invited others too to join us and embark on the yoga journey together.

How has the environment at KPY benefited you?

Every week, we look forward to our yoga class. It is an hour whereby we can focus on ourselves, clear our minds and feel at ease.

Through the years, I can really see the improvements in my body. The concern about frequent backaches improved significantly within the first year of practice. I can also see and feel improvements in my body posture.

The environment at KPY makes us feel very comfortable. We don’t feel pressurised at all and can practise at our own pace. Erin and I are not very flexible, but we look forward to improving both our strength and flexibility over time. The teachers at KPY do make a big difference. They are passionate about what they do and are very supportive and approachable. We really appreciate that. We like the term ‘Yoga for Normal People’ because we can truly relate to that!

Do you have any stories about yourselves that you would like to share with other couples who may be exploring yoga?

Both Erin and I have found a form of exercise that we can do for the rest of our lives. Whenever we go for our holidays now, we will also look for a yoga studio where we can practise. Yoga has become a part of our lives! It is a ‘must’ for us.

Previously, Erin did not enjoy going for regular physical exercise. Practising yoga at KPY regularly is definitely a big change towards a healthier lifestyle.

In the earlier years, we can get a bit over enthusiastic and push ourselves too hard in class. This is when injuries can happen. Our advice is to find the right pace for yourself. There is no rush. You can practise yoga for the rest of your life!

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