Pop-Up: Yin Yang for Mind-Body Balance
What it's about

Yin Yang Yoga is a style of yoga that taps into the dynamism of a flow practice and the softness of a supported surrender practice.

This 60-min practice will start dynamically with Sun Salutations and dynamic postures to energise the physical body and then transition towards deep, long-held surrender poses allowing students to create a balance between effort and ease, to recharge and reset. This will be an all-rounded practice that enables you to reset your body and mind.

This class is in support of the Mental Health Awareness month. Suitable for everyone.

About The Teacher

Christina C.

Christina began her yoga journey in 2007 after the birth of her daughter. She had always been passionate about fitness and sports but injuries also crept up so she turned to yoga as an alternative way to regain her fitness and adjust to her new role as a mum. She quickly became enamoured by yoga and after discovering the positive impact of yoga that she became a teacher.

Christina’s classes are engaging and invigorating and caters to students from all levels. She is warm, passionate and professional. Through creative sequencing and focusing on alignment and breath, Christina helps her students find strength and inner peace and feel refreshed and nourished at the end of each class.

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