Pop-Up: Roll and Relax
What it's about

Treat your body to a luxurious myofascial release, a.k.a self-massage and tissue manipulation, and a yoga practice that helps you to unwind and restore.

The demands of our lives, especially in an urban environment like Singapore, usually mean that we are not sleeping enough and that our physical bodies are fatigued. Amidst the rush and deadlines, our nervous system is perpetually on overdrive and does not have an opportunity to reset and come back to a parasympathetic state. This is a session to reverse all of that.

In this special, Jennifer will lead you through pranayama to soothe the nervous system, myofascial release (rolling) to release tension in the body and restorative poses to soothe the mind. 

Suitable for everyone. Please bring along 2 tennis balls if you have.

About The Teacher


After dipping in and out of yoga for several years, a serious injury led Jennifer towards a more consistent practice. Beyond the rehabilitative benefits, she soon realised there was more to yoga than regaining her mobility. Eventually, she decided to pursue her first teacher training, wanting to share what she had learnt with others. Having been in education for over a decade, as well as a group exercise instructor and CrossFit coach, the transition felt smooth, with these various roles developing Jennifer’s understanding of what it means to be an educator – regardless of the subject matter.

Jennifer also enjoys other movement modalities, from kettlebell-based strength and cycling (indoors and outdoors), to more explorative methods such as Functional Range Conditioning and Feldenkrais. 

All of Jennifer’s classes include invitational breath work, finding ways to move in our bodies with confidence, and an exploration of mindfulness that is curious and compassionate. Jennifer believes that everyone has the right to move with joy, and to experience the magic of slowing down. As much as she can at this point in her journey, she aims to guide students through an intersectional, accessible and inclusive lens.

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