Pop-Up: Yin and Sound Bath
What it's about

This is a healing practice to stretch out tired muscles and relax the busy mind — Yin Yoga practised in the immersive experience of singing bowls as sound therapy. You will immerse deeply into Yin stretches which open the body and work the internal organs via the meridian lines, against the background of the meditative resonance of Himalayan singing bowls that you not only hear but feel. This practice prepares you for a deep Savasana, bound to guide your body and mind towards rejuvenation. Suitable for all levels.

About The Teacher

Dawn Tan

Sound baths are Dawn's latest area of interest to help students delve into a deeper state of mindfulness and relaxation. Spurred by events in her own life, Dawn feels that sound therapy is not only helpful for human beings, but for fur animals too and used the therapy for her beloved dog Meadow when she was unwell.

Dawn is originally a powerlifter, cyclist, kettlebell and hot vinyasa enthusiast. She has always been active and first discovered Bikram Yoga in 2010 after a back injury. She was pleasantly surprised to realise that yoga helped her manage her injury while improving her performance in other sports. She has been practising yoga regularly ever since.

In 2014, she decided to take her love for yoga further by taking up her first yoga teacher training. She enjoys geeking out about yoga with fellow enthusiasts.

Dawn believes that yoga is for everybody, regardless of age, size and ability. She enjoys creative and fun sequencing, and believes that your time on the mat is a time to feel alive and connected with your breath and body, rather than about achieving perfection in poses.

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