Pop-Up: Aroma and Myo Yoga
What it's about

Allow different aromas to bring about different instincts, emotions and memories in our bodies. Coupled with myofascial release and gentle stretches, Aroma & Myo Yoga is designed to help you release tensions and be able to relax deeply into your body and quiet the mind.  

The combination of aromatherapy and fascia release naturally leads the body towards a parasympathetic nervous response. Instead of constantly ‘doing’, you will be transported to a world of just ‘being’.

This class is suitable for everyone, with or without yoga experience. Please prepare 2 tennis/massage balls for this session.

Li Ling
About The Teacher

Li Ling

Li Ling started her yoga journey more than two decades ago. Besides being a yoga teacher, she is a regular essential oils user as well as a 'roller' of balls (myofascial release). She loves to inject myofascial release in her yoga classes as she personally has felt the benefits of the techniques used in releasing tension.

Today, Li Ling’s teachings stem from her diverse trainings in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Myofascia Release, Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama, overlayed with her background in sports.

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