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We know yoga offers tons of benefits and starting your child early is the best skill you can equip them with. Suitable for children between 6 and 10 years old, yoga for kids can help build confidence, body awareness, and a focus on the breath as a tool for centering.

This 60-minute class is taught by Rane, a kids yoga-certified teacher as well as a qualified Early Childhood professional. In this hour-long session, in addition to practising beginner-friendly yoga shapes, children will be introduced to the age-old practice of yoga through story-telling, fun games, craft, mindfulness activities, and lots of laughter.

About The Teacher


Being a yoga enthusiast, as well as a qualified Early Childhood professional, it was a natural decision for Rane to pursue a Children Yoga Teacher certification. Rane guides children aged 3 to 12 in their initial journey in the realm of yoga and mindfulness through theme-based and play-centric classes, that are fun and engaging.

Off the mat, Rane enjoys the outdoors when the Singapore weather permits or is simply contented snuggling with her cats and a good book in hand on rainy days.

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Kids Yoga

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