Pop-Up: Chair and Wall Yoga
Chair and Wall Yoga
What it's about

Practising yoga with support from a chair and/or wall can be very liberating and different. What the physical body may struggle with in a regular asana may be made easier with a chair or a wall. Poses can be held longer so that you truly feel the effects of the pose and its desired opening.

While it sounds like using a chair and/or wall for a yoga practice may make it easier, the possibilities are also endless to use the same props to enter more advanced poses like deeper backbends and inversions. It’s not what you think!

Give it a go if you have never practised in such a class before. While many of the asanas are Iyengar-inspired, there are many modern interpretations of how to use the yoga chair too. Suitable for everyone, whether you have any yoga experience or not.

Li Ling
About The Teacher

Li Ling

Li Ling started her yoga journey more than a decade ago. Having been a very active netball player in school and outside of work then, she saw yoga as another form of physical exercise to complement her existing training schedule.

Today, Li Ling’s teachings stem from her diverse trainings in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Myofascia Release, Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama, overlayed with her background in sports training.

Her classes are movement-oriented and she has an ability to break down asanas and concepts to make it more relevant. The emphasis of her classes are always on feeling right and good in the body, setting good foundation and habits so that one can practise even when they are 80 years old, and throwing in the occasional challenge because everyone can learn how to step out of their comfort zones, but in a safe manner.

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