Fighting against COVID-19 is a collective responsibility. In order to live with COVID-19 and enjoy the things we love to do, all of us must play a part in keeping the studio safe for everyone — staff, teachers and students.

Studios are cleaned thoroughly after every class, props sanitised and environment aired. All teachers undergo the Fast and East Testing regime every 14 days to make sure they are healthy. But all these do not take away the KPY experience and we hope to let you feel like KPY is still your home away from home. We strive to deliver ‘Yoga for Normal People’ amidst the restrictions.

Adjustments are made and updated constantly in order to make KPY a safe place for everyone. For instance, in-studio class size has to be reduced to respect safe distancing rules, timings of classes staggered to minimise mingling, and walk-ins are not allowed. Find out how to book the right class here – In-Studio or Livestream.

To help us make this experience better, please read the following notices and guidelines before you come back to the studios.

Guidelines for a safe and peaceful KPY
Tips for a more enjoyable experience
SafeEntry for East Coast studio
SafeEntry for River Valley studio
Thank you for making KPY a safe and pleasant environment for everyone.