Yujuan Tan and her family of fun yogis

(From left) Yujuan with her brother Marcus and mum Ann striking a ‘KPY’ pose

 What made you take up yoga? For over ten years, I was playing competitive ultimate frisbee and running recreationally. This took a toll on my legs which gave me knee and ankle problems. I felt some relief after attending a couple of yoga classes led by good friends who were training to be yoga teachers, so I thought I should give yoga a try. 

 When you first came to KPY, what did you think of ‘Yoga for Normal People’?  I feel that everybody is welcome to do yoga whether you have or do not have any yoga experience. I have never felt pressured in KPY and I have been coming regularly for classes since I first stepped in.  Also, it’s taught by normal (yet awesome) teachers whom you can easily relate to.

What do you think is the key difference at KPY? Definitely the cold tea and cold towels! And I like the fact that the classes fit easily into my schedule. Living nearby also gave me more reason to join KPY as I can drive, jog, or even walk which makes everything accessible from work or home.  I also appreciate the mirror-free environment, and the fact that classes are focused on our inner development, unlike other studios which might demand more external focus.

Initially, I was quite competitive and wanted to ace all the different yoga poses but slowly the friendly instructors here guided me away from that thinking. They always make the effort to remember our strengths and weaknesses and offer us opportunities and modifications to address them. All of these made me decide to stay with KPY.

When I travel, I try to catch up on my yoga at other studios overseas and I can attest to the quality of the teachers and environment at KPY. Definitely comparable to international standards!

Would you recommend people who do not exercise regularly to take up yoga? Yes I would highly recommend family or friends to try yoga out! I brought my mum for lessons previously and she absolutely loves it and has been coming back for classes as and when she can make it. Even my brother who is a gym rat and had doubts about yoga is now a convert too. My fiancé recently tried yoga out during the annual Open House too.

The funny thing is, whenever I have friends visiting in Singapore, instead of bringing them to touristy spots, I bring them to KPY. To date, I have brought 3 visitors to KPY and they totally enjoyed the experience!

 How do you feel after each class? I always feel good after class. I never regret coming after work, as you know it can get a bit tiring after a long day sometimes. Even on weekends when I come for yoga, I always feel have the feeling of detachment just 10 minutes into the class which makes sacrificing the sleep-in worthwhile. Yoga is like a detox-pill-plus-energy-boost to me!

Which classes would you advise your families and friends to try at KPYIt will depend on their level and experience. If you have recently started out at yoga, perhaps Beginner, Yin or Yoga for Inflexible People – the teachers at KPY always make sure they guide you towards the proper alignment and intention of the poses.

However if you are the gungho type, try out the Intermediate yoga classes!  The great thing about classes at KPY is that there is something for everyone in every class, whether it’s Pilates or yoga. So I would encourage people to try out different classes and different teachers and not be attached to just one type of class or a particular teacher. That’s also why I want to try out different studios and teachers when I travel. I can learn different ways of approaching the same pose, alignment tips and experience different teaching styles from other teachers. 

But in Singapore, KPY is still where my heart is.

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