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Title: Yin & Soundbath
Date & Time: 27 May 2022 (Friday)


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Venue: River Valley Studio
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Cost: Normal class fees apply.

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What it’s about:

“Vibration is at the heart of nature.” — Glenn Kurtz

This experiential session starts off as a traditional Yin class with slow movements and long-held postures that work on the more resistant tissues of our body. Fully supported by props such as blocks and blankets, the class moves towards more and more relaxed postures until it blends with a sound bath session where you rest and relax to the healing sounds of singing bowls. Suitable for everyone.

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Bexen Campos discovered yoga in Paris, back in 2014, searching for a practice to improve his posture during meditation. He quickly fell in love with yoga and started a daily practice that later took him to India, where he spent nearly two years. Looking to deepen his knowledge, he completed a 200 hour teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga and then a 300-hour training in traditional Hatha and Therapeutic Yoga.

Today, he teaches a variety of styles including Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Gentle, Yin and Aerial yoga. He is also trained in Sound bath therapy and Vipassana meditation.

As a Yoga teacher, he gives priority to safety, proposing options and modifications suitable to different bodies and abilities, always trying to encourage and motivate his students to explore and find the best option for them. He understands Yoga as a practice that brings physical benefits and that has the capacity to improve our mood, concentration and the way we react to our everyday challenges. His aim is to bring Yoga to everyone, with a focus on fitness and accessibility.

He is also passionate about everything organic and a healthy lifestyle, which he loves to promote by teaching yoga.