Yoga means something a little different to everyone. For Li Ling, her philosophy is that life is about balance — working hard and enjoying what she loves. Moderation is key. Yoga is very much weaved into her life and her approach is that yoga is done with a purpose, depending on how she feels on that day.

In September 2020, Li Ling had a health focus for each week’s Sunday class. From grounding oneself and enjoying better sleep to generating more energy and improving digestion. This series will benefit anyone looking for an all-levels practice, and looking to improve their health in general.

By making yoga a priority in one’s life, allowing time for calm and for a healthy workout, the daily stresses and strains can be better managed. Li Ling encourages all students to see yoga as an investment in their own health and well being and an ongoing process of discovery and re-discovery.

How to order:

  1. Order the entire series (4 classes) by going to our booking page or on your MindBody app.
  2. Go to ‘31 October 2020‘ and select ‘East Coast‘ under location.
  3. Book yourself into the ‘Yoga for Good Health‘ Series. When you book, the system will show that you are using one pass only. Please note the entire series of 4 videos will cost 2 passes and we will reconcile that on our system.
  4. The video link will be sent to you the next day and it will stay online until 30 November 2020 to support your practice. So the earlier you book, the longer you can enjoy the videos.