Workshops are special two-hour learning sessions which are held usually on a Saturday afternoon. These interactive extended sessions allow students to learn more than ‘how’ but also ‘why’ we do certain things in yoga. Even better, they include a glass of granny’s homemade lemonade specially brewed for the session.

Please note there is a 7-day cancellation policy for workshops. Your spot is not confirmed until payment is made.

Click here for Yin Yoga Workshop with Victor Chng in November 2019.

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Class Title: An Introduction to Yamuna Body RollingKeep the body free, functioning and fabulous
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Date: 14 September 2019 (Saturday)
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Time: 15.00 – 17.00
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Venue: East Coast Studio
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Cost: $60 per person

Pls email or call 97813403 to book your spot.

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What it’s about: Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR®) is a powerful self-help method that everyone can do regardless of age or physical limitations. It is a self-massage, myofascial release and gentle workout rolled into one. A series of specially created balls become the hands of the therapist and the person’s own body weight creates the traction, movement and release on the ball. Work on yourself anytime, anywhere, forever.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You spend hours sitting on a desk each day and feel stiff and achy all the time
  • You are beginning to experience pain or stiffness that is preventing you from continuing to do something you love, e.g. running, playing golf, knitting
  • You just don’t feel like you have the same agility and functional mobility that you did a year or two ago
  • You simply wish to enjoy greater ease and comfort in your body

What to expect:

  • A brief introduction to the fundamental principles of YBR® and the benefits
  • Be guided through a YBR® workout: lower body routines to release tension in the legs, and upper body routines to create space and length in the torso, release tension in the chest, neck and spine
  • Greater ease and comfort in your body
  • Tension release, and reduction in aches and pains
  • A relaxed body and mind
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Arti Dayanani

Arti Daryanani is a wellness consultant and life coach, with a focus on stress management and life skills. To counter the ever-increasing pace and demands of modern society, Arti works with a range of tools and techniques to empower her clients to self-regulate, be calm, effective and resilient, and practice self-compassion. She is a firm believer in wellness through movement. An experienced yoga and meditation instructor of almost 20 years, Arti is also certified in the Yamuna® Body Rolling method and GYROKINESIS® exercise, both new and innovative methods that combine deep physical and mental-emotional release. She incorporates movement into her coaching practice.

Her classes are aimed at tension release, creating ease and space in the body, stress relief and pain management. In her movement sessions, Arti emphasises embodied awareness, with a focus on alignment, core stability and breathwork. She has a special interest in back care, and has developed (and facilitated) a post-graduate diploma in Yoga for Back Care in collaboration with an experienced physiotherapist.

Arti used to be a corporate lawyer, and is currently a registered management consultant, WSQ certified trainer, a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, and on the teaching faculty of the International Yoga Teachers’ Association.