Workshops are special two-hour learning sessions which are held usually on a Saturday afternoon. These interactive extended sessions allow students to learn more than ‘how’ but also ‘why’ we do certain things in yoga. Even better, they include a glass of granny’s homemade lemonade specially brewed for the session.

Please note there is a 7-day cancellation policy for workshops. Your spot is not confirmed until payment is made.

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Class Title: Yoga Foundations for Beginners

Building knowledge and longevity in your practice

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Dates: 14, 21 and 28 March 2020
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Time: 15.00-17.00
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Venue: River Valley Studio (Link to studio address)
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Cost: Early Bird Fees (before 31st January 2020)

All 3 sessions                        $210 (normal: $240)

Single session                        $80 (normal: $90)

Priority will be given to people who are attending all 3 sessions. Spots are strictly limited to 15 places.

How to pay:
  1. Create an account here first if you are not already a member of KPY.
  2. Look for the date of the session under ‘River Valley’ and register yourself into the session(s).
  3. Make your payment via PayPal below to confirm your spot and we will match your payment to your booking.
  4. A confirmation email will be sent after we receive your payment. If you do not hear anything from us after 2 days, please email us to check.

Please WhatsApp or call 8189 2054 if you encounter any difficulties.

No. of days

If you sign up and pay before 31st January 2020 – single or multiple sessions – you are entitled to a 20% discount off our Bronze (5 classes) Pack to continue your practice with us. Usual price = $150 ($30 per class).  After discount: $120 ($24 per class, valid for 2 months).

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What it’s about: Yoga is a lifelong practice that has the potential to bring immense benefits and joy to each individual when practised properly. This 3-part series will focus on helping you:

  • better understand the foundational underpinnings of yoga and how to use the asanas for better health;
  • learn how to breathe during yoga; and
  • equip yourself with the knowledge of how to practise with injury, age and changes in our lives, so that yoga becomes a lifelong and sustainable tool for better health.

If you’re curious about what yoga can do for life and enjoy learning in a step-by-step fashion, you’ll love this enriching experience!

A must for all practitioners who are starting your yoga journey. If you are a seasoned yogi, this is a great opportunity to refresh or reinforce what you already know and review your foundational practice.

Session One: Root and Reach

14 March 2020, 3-5pm

Explore foundational and standing poses, which form the blueprint of most yoga practices, in this session. Learn how to use your feet, activate your core, and understand the principles behind feet and hip alignment. While appreciating alignment principles, you will also learn how to modify alignment to better suit your unique body.

Session Two: Hips, Shoulders and Pitfalls

21 March 2020, 3-5pm

Being able to become mobile in the hips and shoulders is one of the many aims of a yoga practice. Our pelvis serves as the fulcrum of our body. Having a set of mobile, strong and stable hips helps to provide lightness in the spine and anchor our legs. However, practising incorrectly or without a good understanding of how the hips work may cause injury and set you back.

Session Three: Breath and Flow

28 March 2020, 3-5pm

Vinyasa, or Flow Yoga, is a practice that synchronises breath and yoga poses or movements. How can you prepare your body and mind in a way to support the repetitive routine? How do you move in and out of poses safely, while maintaining a comfortable rhythm with your breath?

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Leading this series is Vivienne Spanopoulos, who has been teaching yoga for more than 20 years. She has trained in Vinyasa, Iyengar and now teaches primarily Hatha Yoga. She was the Principal Teacher at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape Singapore and also the Director of their 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs from 2003-2011. Various past and present teachers at KPY, including Kate, Li Ling, Germin and Paulina have been her students.

Her style of teaching makes poses very accessible through clear and refined use of instruction and precise adjustments. Vivienne has been passionate about offering Yoga Teacher Training courses throughout Asia and is in demand as a presenter due to her engaging, precise, knowledgeable, clear, & humorous delivery. She also works privately with clients to transform their injuries or pain issues so they can have ease of movement and good health.

Vivienne is also an experienced meditation and pranayama teacher, has obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and philosophy, has a Diploma of Remedial Massage and is working towards studying with Doctors based in the US on advanced, long-term detox protocols for Chronic Illness.