Workshops are typically two-hour sessions delving deeper into a particular topic. Participants spend more time discussing and dissecting the topic, learn unfamiliar techniques that are not normally taught in regular yoga sessions, and have a greater chance of understanding the topic better.

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Workshop: Somatic Yoga for Back, Hips and Knees
KPY Logo Date & Time: 31 July 2021 (Saturday), 10.30-12.30
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Venue: River Valley Studio (directions here)
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In-studio : $65 per person (fully booked)

Livestream: $40 per person

Class recording will be available to all participants for a week from the workshop.

If you are new to KPY, please book by creating an account here directly or email if you have any questions.

Please complete payment via PayNow to UEN 200722173H to confirm your spot. Send us a screenshot of your payment so we can confirm your spot.

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What it’s about:

The benefits of somatic yoga are countless – from improving posture, decreasing back pain, improving hip and knee mobility, improved breathing, relieving back aches and much more.

Somatic yoga is a movement therapy; a way of re-educating the brain that senses and moves the muscles. Small, slow and gentle movements are used to re-wire the brain to allow changes in habitual patterns, so that restricted areas of the body relax and move more functionally.

The practice of somatic yoga allows you to regain freedom and length in your muscles and encourages self-awareness as you recover the natural intelligence of your body.

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One of KPY’s most experienced Yoga teachers, Simona is a highly talented teacher who helps people discover the joys of yoga and having yoga in their lives. She started yoga when she was very young, observing and then participating in yoga sessions and loving it. She is also a certified Reiki master and is well versed in many different styles of yoga. Learn more about Simona here.