types of yoga classes

Find a wide range of yoga and Pilates classes led by highly experienced teachers to suit your every need with us. Our focus is not just on the physical aspects of yoga, but also the mental and emotional benefits yoga brings into our lives. Most yoga classes are 75 to 90 minutes and Pilates classes are 60 minutes long.

  • All Levels is a class suitable for almost everyone. The teacher will offer a variety of options of poses, for example: “Level 1 students stay in Warrior I, more advanced students move to Warrior III”.  Each student can judge how strong or how soft a practice they want to do. This class is however not recommended for complete first-timers to yoga though. Not suitable for beginners. Pure beginners – please attend at least 2 months of Beginner classes before joining All Levels.
  • Beginner classes are for complete novices or those seeking a lighter workout, you can join these classes regardless of your level of experience. More time is spent on how poses are done and on how to activate muscles in your body. Suitable for everyone.
  • Chair and Wall Yoga, as the name implies, uses props such as walls around us and a yoga chair to assist in some of the poses. It is not necessarily a gentler class as the chair and wall are great tools to help deepen and work on advanced poses too. Be surprised by these tools.
  • Express Class Pressed for time? Join this 60-minute session which will have you worked out and stretched out in no time! Suitable for any level of practitioner.
  • Hatha Flow, as the name implies, is a class that allows the practitioner to move from pose to pose. Unlike a full-on Vinyasa class, Hatha Flow allows for some pauses for added instruction and the opportunity to deepen the strength of your practice by holding the poses for longer.
  • Intermediate classes are for yogis who have a regular and consistent practice of 2-3 years and are wanting a more challenging experience. Arm balances, inversions and sophisticated strength work are regularly explored in the class. Not suitable for beginners.
  • Pilates is an outstanding form of exercise which works on toning your key muscle groups. Excellent for building a strong, toned body but also essential for those looking to ensure a healthy, strong back and abs. Suitable for everyone except pregnant women and post-natal pre-12 weeks after C-section.
  • Pilates Resistance – Still Pilates at its core, Pilates Resistance uses resistance/elastic bands to carry out flexibility and strengthening exercises that aims to produce more visible results by isolating key muscles. Highly effective in toning arms, abs, back and legs. Suitable for everyone except pregnant women and post-natal pre-12 weeks after C-section.
  • Pre-Natal – We do not have a specific Pre-Natal class but we do encourage pregnant mums from the second trimester to join one of our gentler classes. Classes such as Yin, Yin Yang and Restorative Yoga are also suitable for pregnant ladies who have a regular yoga practice before the pregnancy. Please arrive early and speak to the teacher before the class.
  • Restorative classes are more energetic than Yin but more energising rather than exhausting. They will focus on poses which invigorate your immune system, stretch out the aches and pains of the week and increase circulation throughout your body. Suitable for everyone.
  • Roll and Relax is a class that tends to the physical as well as the mental. This delightful class is the perfect wind-down after a long and hard day as it stretches you out while rolling out tight spots using myofascial release techniques. Relax and calm yourself through gentle long held poses and soothing breathwork. Going slow can help you go faster in the long run. If you are up for a nourishing rest, this is the practice for you.
  • Yin Yoga If you are suffering from stress, tight and tired muscles, this is the class to take refuge in. A major part of the class is dedicated to deep stretches which open the body and work the internal organs, suitable for all levels and excellent for anyone wanting to improve their flexibility. Suitable for everyone.
  • Vinyasa classes are known for their fluidity and movements. This is a strong cardio class which flows from pose to pose so understanding of the basic poses is a must. Not suitable for pure beginners.
  • Yin/Yang Get the best of both worlds: yin and yang (flexibility and strength). Usually structured with a workout for the first half of the class followed by a yin practice for the second half, these classes tone you up and then stretch you out.
  • Gentle Flow is a lighter version of a Vinyasa class where the focus is more on moving through more basic poses and synchronising your movements with your breath. Poses may be more grounded and suitable for those who are newer to Vinyasa.
  • Gentle Yoga. Focus is on how you do yoga, rather than how much you do, in order to benefit from yoga. Originally aimed at seniors, this class is also suitable for anyone who just wants to enjoy gentle joint mobility, stretching and breathing exercises. The idea is that movements are gentle and delightful, especially suitable for people with limited mobility due to medical issues, working through an injury or simply stressed out and want to take it slow.
  • Yoga/Pilates Reap the benefits of both these practices in one session: a yoga practice followed by Pilates exercises: a comprehensive workout for the whole body but with the core benefits that Pilates brings. Suitable for everyone.
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