From time to time, we invite guest teachers who are visiting Singapore or our very own teachers to share their teachings on a themed topic.

This is a donation-based class and all proceeds will go towards Causes for Animals.

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Class Title: Looking for a good stretch?

Explore shoulder stretches that will ‘un-hunch’ your back and reduce neck pain

KPY Logo Date & Time: 21 February 2020 (Friday)


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Venue: River Valley Studio (click here for directions)
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What it’s about:

Take a look at where your shoulders are as you’re reading this. Maybe they are shrugged up to your ears, hunched forward, or both. The shoulder is one of the most flexible joint in the body but most of our experiences do not reflect this.

Our gadget-obsessed culture, lifestyle and postural habits often causes our shoulders to ‘lock up’ and hold tension, making it hard to breathe fully.

In this donation-based class, Miriam will guide you through various shoulder-opening poses and pranayama (breathing exercises) which can help you to alleviate tension that contributes to bad posture, neck pain and difficult breathing.

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Miriam hails from Munich where she was a graphic designer for many years with different advertising companies. In 2007, her partner received an interesting job offer in China and that took them to Shanghai for 3 years, where her yoga journey began. She fell in love with Vinyasa and Yin Yoga and these styles have accompanied her on her journey. The urban jungle and long working hours in Shanghai took a lot of vital energy out of her and she started to seek sanctuary in yoga and meditation. She soon realised that harmony of the mind, body and soul were what was most important to her and drove her to become a teacher. Read more about her here.