From time to time, we invite guest teachers who are visiting Singapore or our very own teachers to share their teachings on a themed topic.

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Class Title: Power Vinyasa

An interplay of strength and flexibility, all in the spirit of play

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Venue: Online class
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Cost: Normal class fees apply.

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What it’s about:

A power Vinyasa is a level 2 class and will typically encompass arm balancing, more strength work and a greater degree of flexibility in asanas. Being able to move through asanas with a sense of ease also comes from one’s ability to work with the breath, and especially important in a flow class where asanas move quite quickly. If you have been practising for at least 6 months and are up for a challenge, join Li Ling for this class.

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Vinyasa was Li Ling’s first love and what drew her to yoga. Having been a very active netball player in school and outside of work then, she saw yoga as another form of physical exercise to complement her existing training schedule. And a Vinyasa practice gave her the physicality and challenge. Today, Li Ling’s teachings stem from her diverse trainings in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Myofascia Release, Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama.

Beyond moving through Vinyasas, Li Ling has an ability to break down asanas and concepts and allows students to learn a technique or learn something about themselves in each class. The emphasis of her classes are always on feeling right and good in the body, setting good foundation and habits so that one can practise even when they are 80 years old, and throwing in the occasional challenge because everyone can learn how to step out of their comfort zones, but in a safe manner. More on her here.