Kate Porter is the founder of KPY and she has since resettled in her home in South Africa. Her personal journey from being almost bedridden, battling Lupus and Fibromyalgia to enjoying mobility in her body and the company of her two children is an inspiring one. While she now lives in another country, Kate’s heart remains close to the KPY community.

With the ‘normal people’ in mind, Kate is conducting a series of 10 classes  focused on ‘Opening and Activating the Body’ to learn more about your body and its unique strengths and weakness. She also explores the tools you can use to bring your body back into balance. Perfect for those with body imbalances or athletes wanting to counterbalance other forms of exercise.

If you are looking to order any back-dated practices of this series, kindly email MyMat@KatePorterYoga.com so that we can help you.

Video 1 of 10: Raising Awareness (released on 23 October 2020)

Video 2 of 10: Neck and Shoulders (released on 6 November 2020)

Video 3 of 10: Back to Basics (released on 20 Nov 2020)

Video 4 of 10: Waisting Away (released on 4 December 2020)

Video 5 of 10: Hips and Legs (released on 18 December 2020)

Video 6 of 10: Active & Passive Stretches (released on 8 January 2021)

Video 7 of 10: Activating Muscle Groups (released on 22 January 2021)

Video 8 of 10: The joy of flow  (released on 5 February 2021)

Video 9 of 10: Yin Yang  (released on 26 February 2021)

Video 10 of 10: Yin Yoga  (releasing on 12 March 2021)

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Class Title: Opening and Activating the Body – Yin Yoga (Stomach and spleen)
KPY Logo Date & Time: 12 March 2021 (Friday) 9.00am-10.00am

Note: Class is pre-recorded so you will receive the link to stream the video for your practise at the above time.

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Venue: Online class
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Normal class fees apply

If you are new to KPY, please book by creating an account here directly or email MyMat@KatePorterYoga.com if you have any questions.

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What it’s about:

Kate Porter, the founder of Kate Porter Yoga, is sending all her love back from South Africa and has prepared a special Yin Yang class for you. If you know her from the early days, you cannot help but love her voice, her classes and her energy in the room, always positive and encouraging.

This is a 60-minute class and is suitable for all levels of practitioners. All you need to do is hop into something comfortable and join her on the mat.

Due to network connectivity in South Africa, the video is pre-recorded. If you wish to receive the link to the recording, please order it by booking into this class found under the EAST COAST schedule on the MINDBODY app or on the KPY website. You will receive the link to the recording on the morning itself and the link will be available for 5 days after.

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