We all know of a precious someone around us who has been affected by breast cancer. And we also know that the early detection of breast cancer can save lives. In October, to raise awareness of breast cancer and highlight the importance of breast health, we are partnering with the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) to raise funds. 

10% of all the class proceeds will go towards BCF’s efforts.

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Charity Class 1

Heart-opening myofascial release and Chair Yoga

22 October | 12.30pm-3.45pm | River Valley

I have seen how the lives of my two aunts changed overnight when they discovered they had breast cancer. One of them is lucky enough to detect it early via regular mammograms but the other aunt was not so lucky. She eventually succumbed to it. Seeing the polar opposite of outcomes, my message to every woman is: “Check regularly; Catch early early.” This practice is a heart- and shoulder-opening practice using tennis balls and chairs.

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Charity Class 2


Self-love Yin Yoga & Meditation

22 October | 4.30pm-5.45pm | East Coast & Livestream

I used to do classes at the National Cancer Centre and personal training with one of the Heads of Department who had breast cancer. As a result, I have a high compassion and empathy for what they and their family were going through. According to the mind-body principle, cancer begins in the mind as negative thoughts and emotions, and when left unchecked, will fester and grow as malignant cells in the body. Being aware of our thoughts and always choose to be in higher vibration allows us to free ourselves from fear, negative thoughts and emotions.

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Charity Class 3

Self massage & movement practice for a heathy lymphatic system

29 October | 10.30am-11.30am | East Coast

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in Dec 2020 which led to a mastectomy. Following that, she suffered an unusual stroke of the spine in July 2021 in the course of her chemotherapy. Fortunately, she has now resumed activities of daily living. My message to all is that we can all do a little something in our self-care routine to prepare us for the unforeseen challenges to our health. In this class, I will share some of the strategies I did with my mom that we can do for ourselves or loved ones to promote a healthy lymphatic system.

Established since 1997 in Singapore, BCF supports those affected by breast cancer through psycho-social programmes, support groups and befriending activities. It offers subsidy assistance to support low-income women for their first-time mammogram screenings and runs a complimentary wig loan programme. As a registered charity in Singapore, BCF is self-funded and is dependent on public donations to provide quality services and programmes for more women and their families.