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Title: Wheel Yoga
Date & Time: Every Monday from 7 November 2022


If response is good, KPY will consider introducing the class In-Studio with Grace.

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Venue: Livestream only
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Cost: Normal online class fees apply
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What it’s about:
A yoga wheel is a fun prop to add to your yoga practice. It enables you to go deeper in your stretches such as hip or shoulder opening. It is especially beneficial for backbends which strengthens your back, lengthens your spine, increases flexibility and releases tension in the front part of your body. The wheel can also be used as an assistance for some difficult arm balancing poses. The fact that it is a moving prop, it also challenges you to engage your core throughout your practice to stabilise the wheel.

You will need a yoga wheel and a set of blocks. It is not recommended for pregnant ladies.

Recommended Yoga Wheel: 33 x 14cm cork or natural rubber type.

Link to purchase (pls pick the right size)

Yoga Wheel

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Teacher: More about Grace here