Wai Hoe and his underwater passion

Wai Hoe
Besides being an underwater photographer, he also takes part in the KPY Arts Festival each year

How did you discover KPY? In March 2009, I sent an email to Kate to enquire about yoga after I came across the Kate Porter Yoga website. I used to practise Chinese martial arts for 8 years when I lived in Melbourne. When I returned to Singapore, I thought that yoga would complement my martial arts practice, particularly with a stronger emphasis on breathing techniques and meditation. As the KPY studio, or rather Kate’s apartment then, was only 5-minutes drive away from my home, I decided to drop by for my first beginner lesson and have never looked back.

How has yoga helped you? Cultivating the ability to deal with stress and other forms of negative emotions, while accentuating the positive emotions has been particularly useful in my line of work. One of my passions is in scuba diving and underwater photography and yoga helps me develop a certain calmness when I’m underwater.

How do you fit yoga into your busy schedule? I try to attend at least one class a week. KPY has a wonderful schedule that provides me with plenty of options throughout the week. I will try to make it a point to knock off work earlier on Mondays or Tuesdays for a class with KPY.

How do you feel after each class? Due to work commitments, I can only take evening classes. After each class, I always feel a nice sense of calmness and all ready to go to bed.

What is the difference at KPY? As I have been with KPY since 2009, I do feel part of the family. It is difficult to share the same affinity I have with the KPY team with another studio perhaps because KPY is more of a ’boutique’ studio, where relationships between the students and the teachers are very personal. The experience at KPY is very different from the larger franchises.

Why should working professionals like you take up an activity like yoga? Sound decisions are best made in a state of calmness. Bringing calmness to the office is probably one of the best skills a professional can muster.

What does “Yoga for normal people” conjure in your mind? It is a reminder that at KPY, the emphasis is on yoga as a practice for personal growth. It is not a competition and one does not need to feel embarrassed if he or she is not a contortionist.

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