Shirley’s passion for both Pilates and yoga started more than two decades ago.  

She is certified in Fletcher-influenced Mat Pilates, with more than 100 training and teaching hours under her belt. In Yoga, she had undergone a 200-hour classical yoga training with Nitya Mohan, whose trainings follow that of renowned yoga master Sri TK Krishnamacharya. She is also trained in Wheel Yoga.

Since then, she has taught locally and overseas and her students include working professionals, ballet dancers, students, housewives and retirees. She takes pride in planning her classes mindfully and creatively, while keeping in view the needs and expectations of students and ensuring they move optimally with proper alignment and utmost safety. 

Shirley’s aim is to ensure that the functional exercises she provides are relatable to the people’s daily lives and benefit their overall movement patterns & health.