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Samantha’s first foray into yoga started much like anyone else’s – a teenage couch potato looking for a workout that wouldn’t break a sweat. Ten years on, while she hasn’t succeeded at finding this holy grail of workouts, she has gained so much more from the practice of yoga that she can’t wait to share with fellow practitioners on the path.

The thing Samantha loves best about the yoga practice is its capacity to restore natural health and balance to the body and mind. As an incurable introvert and chronic over thinker, Samantha credits yoga with opening her heart and mind, helping her become more receptive, patient, empathetic and understanding of the world around her.

In 2016 she attended a month-long immersion program at the Anand Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh, India, and returned to Singapore with her certificate to teach Akhanda Yoga. Samantha’s classes incorporate soundwork, breathwork, and brief meditations, designed to turn the practitioner’s gaze inwards, towards the inner experience of the practice away from the outward form of the asana. Expect to leave classes recharged, with deeper self-awareness and mental clarity each time.

What is your favourite type of class to teach? I don’t really have a favourite but right now I’m really into slow, meditative Vinyasas – set aside the voices in your head and simply follow my voice; allow your body to go with the flow.
What is your favourite pose? Bird of Paradise – it best embodies freedom, strength and gracefulness for me. When I extend the lifted leg to complete the pose, it’s like stretching a wing.
What is your least favourite pose and why? Chair Pose – it just seems to trigger all sorts of negative emotions for me. Which is probably why I need to practise it more.
What keeps bringing you back to your yoga mat? The clear and steady mind at the end of it all.
What is the strangest place you have done a yoga practice/pose? By the roadside under a famous tree in Hokkaido. Because, Instagram.
What always makes you laugh? Witty jokes.
What is one of your personal quirks/habits/idiosyncrasies? I’m semi-obsessive about the things I devote my energy to. If I’m reading a book, I’m not doing anything else until I’ve finished it. Same goes for writing reports, doing research, cooking; I even make a whole event out of drinking tea. If I’m drinking tea, I’m not doing anything else until I’ve finished that cup.
What is one thing about you that most people don’t know (until now)? I’m a decent cook.

For a lively, fun and flow-y workout, join Samantha for her Vinyasa class!