Priscilla is a fully-certified movement specialist who first encountered yoga more than 10 years ago and did her first yoga 200-hr Teacher’s Training at Byron Bay in 2009. In 2012, she joined Pilates Teacher Training courses to learn more about the principles and fundamentals of Pilates, and how the exercise can improve her yoga practice. She is also a PMA® certified Pilates teacher, trained under Fletcher Pilates and BodyTree Academy in all apparatus.

Safety of her students and effectiveness of each movement is a priority for Priscilla as a teacher. As a young practitioner, Priscilla has suffered multiple injuries due to lack of knowledge about her own body despite being reasonably fit and mobile. Her journey through trial and error to rehabilitate her own injuries allowed her to deepen her expertise in biomechanics, pathologies, rehabilitation and therefore better understand and apply her own experience to help her students move better, rehabilitate and manage pain.

Given her own experience, she emphasises wholeheartedly on the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’ in movements so as to help people reduce risk of injuries while improving overall strength and mobility. Her keen interest and knowledge in the proper mechanics of movement forms the fundamental framework of her classes.

Priscilla has never looked back since she ventured into the world of movement. She aspires to help her students understand the importance of active movement, become more body aware, build core strength, and ‘prehabilitate’ (optimising physical functionality to prevent injuries) in their every day life. Her passion spurs her to continue to deepen her knowledge as well as empower her students to experience the benefits of moving well.