Patricia and her family

Pat Koh and family
Pat, who inspired her entire family to take up yoga as a family activity

How did you discover KPY? When my husband Roger and I turned 40, we decided to embark on a plan to take up a new and different exercise together. Yoga was what we decided on. I was asking around for recommendations and a yoga instructor/friend recommended KPY to me. We tried it, liked it and have continued with the activity since 2009, and even introduced it to our kids!

When did your family start to join you for yoga? Roger and I have been doing this for a few years but our children only joined us in 2014 as we noticed that they are not very flexible and are having wrong postures when they stand and walk.

Our kids are still young – 15, 13 and 9 – so we thought we better start them early. We go for classes together on Sundays and it’s good that we can get involved in the same activity and laugh at ourselves together.

How do you think spending time together like this has helped your family? Yoga time is great bonding time as we all experience the stretches differently and can talk about it. The bonus is it’s a healthy activity and we are doing the right thing for our minds and bodies as a family.

What do the kids say? They say that although yoga is a bit slow compared to the other sporting activities they do, it is surely exhausting. The pain usually starts the next day!

What do you think is the key difference between KPY and the other studios? To me, studio cleanliness is very important and practicing yoga in an environment that is welcoming and friendly is always appreciated.

For families who have yet to try out yoga as a family activity, what do you have to say to them? Do it now so that you and your family can discover the wonders it bring to the body and mind.

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