Germin and Hui Ju
Germin and Hui Ju

The Yoga Angel of Kate Porter Yoga

KPY’s Yoga Angel is in the earthly form of Hui Ju (pronounced ‘Whay Ru’) who takes care of all your class bookings, payments and oversees the daily running of the studio ensuring everything is as stress free for you as we can possibly make it. She never fails to greet you with a smile and when you have any doubts about which class or teacher to try out, she never fails to give you the nitty-gritty details.

Hui Ju relocated from Taiwan with her husband and two sons in 1999. With her background in pre-school teaching, she has the patience to keep the KPY team in order…quite some task…

When she isn’t being our Yoga Angel, Hui Ju loves reading novels (she takes full advantage of the KPY book exchange) and has a passion for movies about monsters, aliens and paranormal phenomena…and you thought we were joking about her being our Yoga Angel!

If you’d like to drop her an email or to join her team as a receptionist/front desk ‘Yoga Angel’ too, please drop us an email.