Miriam hails from Munich where she was a graphic designer for many years with different advertising companies. In 2007, her partner received an interesting job offer in China and that took them to Shanghai for 3 years, where her yoga journey began.

She quickly fell in love with Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga and these styles have accompanied her on her journey. The urban jungle and long working hours in Shanghai took a lot of vital energy out of her and she started to seek sanctuary in yoga and meditation. She soon realised that harmony of the mind, body and soul were what was most important to her and drove her to become a teacher.

In 2008, Miriam completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Course with Lance Schuler of Inspya Yoga, and a Hot Yoga Teaching Course with Bill Arce and began assisting different yoga teachers, as well as teaching her own classes. She was also an assistant at further Inspya Yoga Teacher Trainings throughout Shanghai and Hamburg. Miriam continued to deepen her knowledge through workshops and courses in applied anatomy and physiology with David Keil and Simon Borg-Olivier in Australia.

She has been teaching in Munich since moving back to Germany in 2010 and is constantly seeking new inspiration and expanding her knowledge through workshops and courses. In 2012, she completed a Yin Yoga Training with Paul Grilley, along with a Pre/Post Natal Yoga Training with Patricia Thielemann-Kapell. In 2014, she followed up with a further Yin Yoga Course with Josh Summers, and an advanced Yoga Teacher Training (300-hour Yoga Alliance), again with Lance Schuler.

Her love for travelling brought her to Singapore in November 2015 where she is teaching since then. 2016 she concluded here another Yin Yoga & Functional Anatomy Course with Dhugal Meachem, followed 2017 by a Yoga Therapy Training with Arun Rana at Pure Yoga. As she is very eager to learn, she completed in 2018 two Restorative Yoga Teacher Trainings with Adeline Tien, another Yoga Therapy Training with Arun Rana and a Yin & Yoga Nidra Training with Jo Phee. Soon after in 2019 she studied again with Jo Phee and attended another Yin & Chinese Medicine as well as a Yin & Myofascial Release Training with her.

Miriam loves teaching Vinyasa and Hatha classes as much as the slower-paced Yin, Yoga Therapy and Restorative classes. She views them as perfect complements in a practice.

 What is your favourite type of class to teach? I love to teach classes where students bring positive energy into the classroom.

 What is your favourite pose? I have a couple. One is the tripod headstand because it works on your shoulder strength, your core muscles, and your balance while you view the world upside down.

 What is your least favourite pose and why? Urdhva Dhanurasana because this pose requires openness in the shoulders and chest which I kind of lack. 

 What keeps bringing you back to your yoga mat? Yoga grounds me when I need to come back to earth and it lifts me up when I need energy and inspiration. Funnily enough, my love for yoga becomes even more intense when I miss a session or two. I feel my muscles tighten and my anxieties take over, and that’s when I realise it’s time to get back on the mat.

What is the strangest place you have done a yoga practice/pose? On the roof of an ambulance van at a trance festival in Hungary.

What always makes you laugh? When I am surrounded by my lovely sister who laughs and giggles all the time.

What is one of your personal quirks/habits/idiosyncrasies? I’m a perfectionist and because of that I often make life difficult for myself.

 What is one thing about you that most people don’t know (until now)? That I did Judo and Jujitsu since I was 7 years old.

If you are looking for a creative and playful class with a strong focus on safety and alignment, join one of Miriam’s classes.