After completing his FIC (Fitness Instructor Course) with SSC (Singapore Sports Council), Ling Feng decided to try out Pilates after hearing friends talk about how good it is for the back.

Right from the first session, he realised that it is not only an exercise regime, but the beginning of a journey into understanding the human body and how to work and use it more efficiently.

Progressing from this revelation, he enrolled into the Ron Fletcher Program of Studies, learning the basics from breathing to standing. Moving and working the body so that the body is stretched and toned, leading to more flexibility and better posture. He became a Qualified Fletcher Teacher in early 2009 and has been teaching in mainly corporate settings.

From his training on the use of the various Pilates apparatus, he constantly looks for devices he can use in his mat classes. As teaching in a corporate setting means it can be teaching in a sports room with mirrors to meeting rooms with chairs and tables. Sometimes even pantries and the reception lobby. This calls for him to be creative in using what he can find to ensure the students can benefit as much as possible.

For a fun, surprise-filled Pilates class, join Ling Feng.