Refer a friend and enjoy rewards on us

Refer a friend

Yoga is more fun when you practise with like-minded individuals. Many of you have met at KPY, found a connection with each other and believe in what yoga and Pilates can do for your well-being. Let’s allow such beautiful energy and spirit to multiply by introducing your friends and family to yoga and Pilates.

Steps to enjoy rewards from KPY:

1. Give us your consent to send you a SMS so you can use it to refer your friends to us. Text us at 97813403 to let us know.
2. We will then send you a SMS for you to share with your friends via SMS, WhatsApp, email, Facebook and so on.
3. Your friends will enjoy a trial class at KPY at only $10 and enjoy 10% discount on any class packages.

When your friend shows up for class and purchases a class package, you earn a $10 discount voucher to be used at KPY for any purchase in the next 6 months. That’s it!