Jimin is a certified Yoga and Pilates teacher and her specialties are Ring Yoga and Ring Pilates. South Korean by birth, Jimin has been residing in Singapore for the last 6 years with her husband and two children after moving around the United States and Qatar. Jimin’s motto when it comes to teaching is ‘Happiness is the highest form of health’.

Using both Yoga and Pilates to effect positive physical changes in the people she work with is the main driving force behind her work as a teacher. She has received rigorous yoga training from Dr. Venky’s Shivshakti Yoga Institute and pilates from the Bodytree Academy, where Germin, Priscilla P. and Dorcas also trained at.

Her teaching style is personal and student-centred. Her current interest lies in teaching Ring Yoga, which is hugely popular in South Korea, and will be offering that at Kate Porter Yoga. Come join her for a good stretch and get stronger.