Jane stumbled upon Pilates when she was nursing her bad knee. After experiencing how practising Pilates rid her of knee pain and hip pain, she fell in love with it and was determined to become a Pilates teacher in 2014.

Jane is no stranger to teaching. She was a Secondary School teacher and she loved her craft. Transitioning her passion to teaching Pilates, she began sharing about movement, generating appreciation of alignment, and growing confidence in her students.

Her group classes are devoted to helping her students gain more awareness in their bodies so they can achieve mobility and strength. Beyond making fun and challenging movements accessible for all, Jane is a firm believer that anyone can receive the benefits by practicing regularly.

In her personal training sessions, Jane patiently help students overcome their pain and grow confidence in movement. She adapts the releases, stretches and exercises accordingly. She loves seeing her students grow stronger while achieving their goals and new goals year after year.

As an educator, Jane is nurturing and encouraging. Even though she has knowledge to share, she understands that her student-teacher, too, have something to teach her. Besides her Pilates trainings and certifications, Jane completed the Awakening Yoga 200 hours in 2022. She hopes to tailor to the needs of her students with her knowledge of both Pilates and Yoga. She is a firm believer of adjusting the exercise to fit the body and not adjusting the body to fit the exercise.