Farah discovered yoga in 2011 with Kate Porter when Kate was offering classes in her living room. Since then, she has found the home for her practice. What initially started as a means of exercise and fitness, something she struggled a lot with growing up, evolved into a deep love for everything that yoga could offer her – self-discovery, betterment, and alignment of the mind, body and spirit.

Farah’s yoga journey is still growing and developing. Her personal background in medicine continues to give her insights about how the human body works and how she can tailor her teachings, especially to students who are experiencing limitations and injuries. She generally enjoys a challenging practice, one that takes her to a place she never thought she could or would go.

Given the way she started yoga, Farah strongly believes that the physical practice of yoga is for everyone, and can be catered to each person’s needs and goals. She is looking forward to sharing what she has learnt and experienced, and continue to learn from other teachers at the same time.