Tai Chi5 (small)Edwin is an Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation teacher. He always had a passion for sports and martial arts. However, injuries he sustained over the years of training led him to explore ways of healing and preventing them. Over time, Edwin integrates what he has learnt into a holistic system of training, addressing the body, mind and spirit. He believes that Eastern internal martial arts like Tai Chi that focuses on how to hold the body in proper alignment without unnecessary tension is a highly effective strategy for self care in the long run.

About Tai Chi

Tai Chi or Taiji Quan was first created by Chen Wang Ting in the Ming dynasty. It was initially only taught to people in the Chen village or Chen Jia Gou. Only in later years was it taught to the first outsider, Yang Lu Chan, who founded the Yang style Tai Chi which would pave the way for various styles of Tai Chi in the years to come. Tai Chi is a form of martial art, meaning it teaches efficient use of the body which are applicable in our daily lives.

Tai Chi is suitable for people of all ages as it is also a means of self-cultivation. The focus is on progression over time. Younger people can adopt lower postures which are more physically demanding while older folks can adopt higher postures that focus more on alignment of the body. In Tai Chi practice, the focus is more on the various movements of the set and how to execute them with precision.