A curious and energetic individual, Dorcas is passionate in understanding movement science while making such information more accessible, relatable and beneficial for individuals seeking to improve their physical well-being. Her personal encounter with Pilates is not unlike many others; out of curiosity and seeking a non-surgical solution for a persistent, inhibitive shoulder injury. Through her own journey of recovery, she is a strong advocate of establishing a strong foundation, addressing the root source of any issue or pain and progressive, lifelong learning.

Having experienced first-hand the positive impact of Pilates in her athletic pursuits, Dorcas finds no greater joy than to share her knowledge and passion with individuals who are seeking to enhance their quality of life; and improve their daily movement or athletic performance. She is firm and exacting when necessary, but compassionate and approachable always.

For a thoughtful, focused and effective class, join Dorcas for a mat Pilates workout. She teaches at River Valley studio every Wednesday morning.