We have very few rules at KPY.

We like to keep things simple so that everyone can stay calm and bendy. Please help us keep the system fair for all by respecting these terms and conditions.

Trial Class

We do not offer free trial classes but we offer a very attractive 3 trial classes for just $50. We believe that KPY offers the best value for your experience with our small classes, highly qualified teachers and our seasonally brewed cold tea and towels (during non-COVID times). Subsequent visits can be paid for with any of our packages which can be bought online.

Expiry Dates on Class Packages

The term of your package is fixed and you can easily find this information in your online account. ONLY under these circumstances will the expiry date be extended without any cost:

  • pregnancy; when you can no longer practise, your package will be put on hold if you are advised by your doctor not to practise. We will require you to produce a doctor’s note before your package will be extended for the period it was put on hold during your pregnancy plus an additional 4 months starting from after the birth of your baby. No other extension is allowed beyond this.
  • certified medical reasons; please provide us with a certificate from your medical practitioner. Your package will resume based on the time frame your doctor has recommended.

Extension Options

The Online-only 10 class package is strictly non-extendable. If you are not able to finish the package, the remaining passes will be forfeit.

For other regular packages like Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages, extending your about-to-expire package should be done BEFORE your current package expires. All packages are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-convertible. If your package is due to expire but you have classes remaining on it, you can choose one of these options:

  • Buy a new package and we will roll your expired classes over on to it. The term of the new package remains unchanged.

Pay a ‘top up’ fee that allows you ONE additional month to use up your package. The rate for this is:

  • Bronze/Silver package: $30/month
  • Gold package: $40/month
  • Platinum package: $50/month

Guest Stamps

For every 10 classes you purchase in a package, you are entitled to use 1 stamp for a guest who accompanies you to class. So if you are a Gold Package holder which consists of 30 classes, you may choose to use 3 for guests and keep 27 for yourself.

Online packages and Shared Platinum Package holders DO NOT enjoy any guest stamps.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation less than FOUR hours before a class is deemed a LATE cancellation. Late cancellations are chargeable, except for Online or Livestream classes.
  • Not arriving for a class you have booked (No Show) will ALWAYS incur a charge.
  • The rules are designed to give KPY enough time to alert students on the waiting list.
  • You can cancel your pre-booked class online, by text, email or phone – please play fair to all of our students!

Kate’s Closet Terms & Conditions

Items purchased from Kate’s Closet can be returned for a store credit only if they are returned in good condition within 7 days of purchase and have the original tags still attached. Sale items are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

This excludes food, beverages and underwear.

Student Waiver

View a copy of our Student Waiver Form, which all new students sign.

Privacy Policy

Download it here.