Fighting against COVID-19 is a collective responsibility. In order to live with COVID-19 and enjoy the things we love to do, all of us must play a part in keeping the studio safe for everyone — staff, teachers and students.

From 10 August 2021, following the government’s new guidelines released on 6 August on safe management measures (SMMs), in order to carry out unmasked indoor activities such as Yoga and Pilates, KPY is required to adopt a Vaccination-Differentiated approach for all our classes.

BEFORE you come back to the studio, please share with us your vaccination status in this VACCINATION DECLARATION FORM. This information will be saved in our records.

Vaccination Requirements

Besides adopting a Vaccination-Differentiation approach, we continue to maintain high standards of hygiene and safety in our studios. Our studios are cleaned thoroughly after every class, props sanitised and environment aired. All teachers undergo the Fast and East Testing regime every 7 days to make sure they are healthy. All these to ensure that KPY is a peaceful and safe environment for anyone who wishes to practise Yoga.

If you are unable to return to the studios (yet) and wish to extend your package, please write to us at stating your reason and we will try our best to work with you and seek out solutions for you to continue to practise yoga.

Thank you for making KPY a safe and pleasant environment for everyone.