In late 2014, Alyssa took her first Yoga Teacher Training in Universal Yoga with Andrey Lappa. The profound realisations from the holistic system sparked off an immense desire for her to plunge further into the pursuit of knowledge of the ancient yogic sciences. Stumbling upon the Mysore-style practice of the Ashtanga Yoga method in Mysore, India in the following year, Alyssa found home in Mysore amidst a beautiful global community of sincere practitioners. She spends a considerable amount of time practicing with, and assists, her beloved Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Vijay Kumar, in Mysore, India.

Alyssa hopes to be able to share the immense benefits of yoga and hold space in the same grain that she has been privileged to receive from her teachers. Her classes are gentle, dynamic yet playful, placing focus on building awareness of the breath and alignment of the mind-body connection.